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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do classes start for the 2022-2023 season?
    Classes begin September 6th, 2022.
  • When is Thanksgiving Break? (2022-2023 Season)
    No classes on 11/24 or 11/25, we will still have classes Saturday the 26th. *If the holiday parade is cancelled we will have our Saturday classes. If this happens then we will not have class Saturday the 26th.
  • When is Christmas Break? (2022-23 Season)
    Break is Thursday, December 22nd - Wednesday, January 4th. All classes will resume Monday, January 3rd.
  • When is Spring Break? (2022-2023 Season)
    We will take our Spring Break from Tuesday, April 4th- Monday, April 10th. If we have to cancel classes for bad weather, we will make up those classes during Spring Break during.
  • When are Costume Deposits due?
    Deposits are made in the month of November ($35.00 per costume). Those students with a 2-in-1 costume will need a deposit of $45.00. Costumes will be ordered at the beginning of the new year in January, we will not order a costume for a student if they do not have the minimum of $35.00 down per costume. The balance of the costume(s) is due when they arrive. Students will not be able to take their costume(s) home until the balance has been paid off. For those students with multiple costumes, we add up the total balance per student- not each individual costume balance. Costumes will be shown during Parents Observation in December. Costume deposits are non-refundable.
  • Can I request a teacher?
    Yes! You are more than welcome to request a certain instructor. Unfortunately, we can not always promise that your request will be met. Sometimes teachers can only come in on certain days or times.
  • How should my hair look during class?
    Hair must be pulled out of the face for all classes. If you have longer hair please make sure it will not hit you in the face while turning, tumbling or leaping. Also make sure if you are in gymnastics that it won't drag the ground while tumbling, your instructor could step on in while spotting you.
  • Can I wear jeans?
    Jean are not permitted in any class. This includes jeggings, skorts, shorts and capri's. If you wear jeans to class and are restricted in your movements, you will be asked to leave the class until the following week.
  • I can't come to class this week, what do I do?"
    If you can not attend class because of illness, car trouble, vacation, school function, etc. please call the studio so we can let your instructor know ASAP. Some classes allow you to make it up on a different night. If that is not the case please confront your intructor to schedule a make up class if needed.
  • How do I pay my tuition?
    Payments may be made by cash, check or credit card. If a staff member is not available at the desk, please put your payment in an envelope with the student's name and what the payment is for and place it in our deposit box by the desk. Checks should be made out to “Susan’s Tap-N-Toe" and have the student’s name and what the payment is going towards (i.e. tuition, costumes deposit, recital fee, etc.) on the memo line. We charge a credit card fee of $2.00 for every $100 charged (for example $2.00 for $1.00-$100.00, $4.00 for $101.00-$200.00, $6.00 for $201.00-$300.00, etc.). Credit card payments will only be accepted the first week of the month when someone is available at the desk. Teachers cannot take time out of their classes to take payments.
  • What happens when my class is cancelled because of the weather or teacher being ill?
    We will make every attempt to call or text you if we have to cancel classes due to weather, power outage or a teacher being ill. Please make sure you let us know if you have a new number or have disconnected a line. We will also post on Facebook and Instagram if we have to cancel, so if you have not liked our page yet, please do!
  • Will there be class during Trick or Treat night?
    No classes on 10/31 for Lancaster’s Trick-or-Treat Night. We invite students to wear their Halloween costumes/outfits from 10/24-10/29, but please remember they still need to be able to dance.
  • When is Parents Observation?
    December 1st-7th and March 1st-7th we will invite 2 parents/guardians to come in to watch their dancer in action. Please keep in mind that seating is limited.
  • When is the last week of recital classes?
    Monday, May 22nd- Saturday, May 27th.
  • What should I wear to class?
    Attire for class: Absolutely no jeans or dresses should be worn in any classes we offer at the studio. All students are required to have their hair pulled back for class(es). If a student has short hair that does not fit into a ponytail, they are still required to have their hair pinned back or pulled back with a hairband. We ask that students not wear jewelry to class. Basic ballet, tap and jazz shoes can be found at Target. You can also purchase shoes from Dancer’s Closet in Newark, Opening Night in Gahanna or We will be taking shoe orders as well throughout the year. We have no color or style preferences when it comes to dance attire, but all shoes need to be a specific color. Absolutely no dance shoes should be worn outside. Ballet/Tap: Students should wear a leotard and tights. They can also wear a skirt/tutu, leggings or shorts with them. Ballet shoes should be pink leather with an elastic strap. Tap shoes should be black patent leather with a tie, snap or velcro strap. Gymnastics: Students should wear tight fitting clothing that is easy to move in such as a leotard, dance shirt/tank top, leggings or shorts. No jewelry should be worn in gymnastics such as necklaces, bracelets, rings or dangly earrings. Students will go barefoot for class. During the cold months they can wear yoga socks to keep their feet warm, but also keep their grip on the mats. Hip Hop/Jazz/Baton: Students can wear what they would in a gym class at school such as leggings, gym shorts, t-shirts or tank tops. We prefer nothing loose fitting/baggy as it will make certain things hard to do in class. Jazz students should find black jazz oxford shoes to wear for class. Baton and hip hop students should wear clean sneakers/tennis shoes. Hip hop and Baton teachers will specify which shoes will need to be ordered by the end of September/October. Dance shoes should never be worn outside and students should bring those shoes to change into at the studio. Creative Movement: Students can wear anything listed above for other classes, as long as the student can move freely. They can either go barefoot or wear ballet/jazz shoes or clean sneakers. Please no dresses or jeans.
  • We no longer want to take dance lessons, what do we do?"
    Sometimes students do not always enjoy a class like they thought they would, which is fine. We understand not everyone is the same, but you will be charged tuition if you fail to notify your teacher or Susan that your child will no longer be attending class. Tuition will be charged until you notify us to cancel. This goes for recital and non-recital classes. We will make every attempt to call if a student has missed 2 or more weeks in a row, but we need confirmation that you have dropped the class. Please give us the courtesy of letting us know. Thank you.
  • When is recital, rehearsal and pictures?
    RECITAL WILL BE SATURDAY, JUNE 3RD. Pictures and Dress Rehearsal will be Thursday, June 1st and Friday, June 2nd. All students are required to attend Dress Rehearsal in order to participate in recital. Location of Pictures, Rehearsal and Recital will be announced at a later date.
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