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Susan's Tap-N-Toe Studio

Susan's offers a wide range of classes for ages two through adult. Classes during the regular season (September thru May) are offered Monday thru Saturday. The studio offers classes during the summer, normally starting the third full week in June and running for six weeks (rates for this session are based on six weeks; different from the monthly rates given). Classes in the summer are usually offered Monday through Thursday.

All students who take during the regular season, except the half year session classes, have the opportunity to perform in the studio's annual Spring Revue and other local performances throughout the summer.

Creative Movement

2 - 3 Years Old

This class helps students get comfortable in a classroom setting along with learning simple songs and dances. We play ring around the rosey, the hokey pokey and much more. This is a very interactive class and last 30 minutes.

*This class is not a recital class. It is offered September-November & January-May.


3 and up

Our gymnastics classes are strictly floor work, beam is used for the little ones to practice balance. We work on front rolls all the way up to backhand springs. Each class is assembled based on age and experience. These classes range from 45 minutes to an hour.


4 and up

Ballet (soft shoe) for beginners include learning positions, basic terminology, barre work, and center floor exercises. As a student advances they continue to learn more terminology and progress into harder exercises at the barre and in the center. Pointe work can begin at the again 14, if an instructor feels the student is ready. This style of dance is a great for beginners and it will help with balance, strength and discipline. We encourage all dancers to take ballet, even if it not for recital and just for technique.


4 and up

Tap is wonderful class if you love move your feet! Beginners will learn basic shuffles and stand at the barre to help keep their balance. The more you progress the more you move. We have beginner, intermediate and advance classes available. Our studio even has a beginner adult class!


6 and up

Jazz class offers the chance to work on flexibility, leaps, turns and learn fun combinations. This class offers a fun way to learn technique with style!


6 and up

Beginner baton classes begin with basic twirls, as you advance you learn tosses and could even twirl with more than one baton! This style is very fun and a great way for kids to advance their hand-eye coordination. 

Hip Hop

7 and up

Hip Hop has become very popular over the years and is a very athletic style. Not only are the classes fun but you also build up your endurance and strength. 

*We offer this style to 6 years old with 2 years prior dance experience. Age 7 for first time students.


8 and up

Clogging is another great class to get your feet moving. You will learn terminology along with some partner work as you progress. Come learn a jig and sweat your butt off, it is definitely a work out!


7 and up

Theatre is a great class for those who are not shy! This class is filled with lots of character and fun. Recital routines include basic jazz steps with lots of acting.


10 and up

These classes are sorted based on experience. Students must have experience in ballet or jazz before taking these classes. The classes include leaps, turns, partnering, lifts, floor work and much more.

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